After you have made an appointment by phone, you can print and fill out the new patient forms by clicking the link at the left. You can instead fill the forms out when you arrive, but bringing them with you will save some time on your first visit. When you arrive for your scheduled appointment:

  • You'll be greeted by our friendly staff who will get insurance or billing information from you.
  • A health history will be will be done by an office staff assistant.
  • You'll meet with Dr. Hagen, who will review your history and decide if chiropractic is right for your case and make recommendations.
  • X-rays will be taken in our office, if necessary, to evaluate your health conditions.
  • A chiropractic spinal examination will be performed by Dr. Hagen.
  • You'll lie face-down on an adjustment table where Dr. Hagen will gently adjust the spine. It may also be recommended to have therapy, such as traction or electrical muscle stimulaion, to enhance results.
  • Dr. Hagen will discuss a course of treatment with you that will help you achieve your health goals.
  • You will check out at the front desk to make a follow-up appointment to view your x-rays and also to make payment arrangements.